Last Friday, March 10, we celebrated our presentation party of 2023 trips and the awards ceremony of the photo contest of this year. Thank you very much to all of you who came to the party and especially to all of you who participated in the photo contest.

We share with you the 25 photos that the jury selected and that were exhibited during the presentation party.

In addition, we present you the winning photos of the contest.

Here the third prize.

Title: Effort

Author: José Antonio Bermejo Navarro.


Effort. José Antonio Bermejo


El second prize.

Title: It's freedom.

Author: Marilo Codes.

Cycle tourism

It is freedom. Marilo Codes.

And the first prize.

Title: Sunset in Doñana

Author: Miguel Ángel Laso

bike trips

Sunset in Doñana. Miguel Ángel Laso.

Soon we will be able to do the same with the videos.

We reiterate our gratitude to all the people who have participated.